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Creative Gifting Movement
Finding Our Center
The Ilusion Of Fear.
The Taming of Time.
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Creative Gifting Movement

Ok, let's begin. Deep cleansing breath in and exhale. So, I believe, as human beings we are all connected on the spirit energy level, right. An energy that has always existed and will continue to expand and live and breath. We, as a living entity, are part of that. It is what gives us life, I believe. It is what some might even call God. It is living and breathing and all powerful, all mighty and as such a creative energetic vibration runs through us all. The animating Life Force.  I know this is starting to sound very "out there" and a bit "crazy" but check the science, you might find some down to earth facts. It also speaks to the power of prayer because of that connection, but that's another blog for another day.

I say all that to say this- Because we are all connected with this Creative Energy Spirit, we are all Creative Beings, whether we have actualized any creativity in our lives or not. Which we all have because every choice is a creation, when you think about it -sort of. And creativity comes in so many forms. Art is Life and Life is Art at some time of the day, we all engage in a creative moment. "Red shirt?" Blue shir?", what is really going to make or break that outfit. It's a creative choice. 

So, as creative spirits, I say we start a movement of creative gift giving. Nothing humongous, or big even.  Make something, that you think is beautiful and then gift it away; to a friend, your mother, father, sister,brother or total stranger. In fact, if you send in your address to our email at  we will send you our purple gift bag with a gift card to accommodate your gift. It will not only lift your spirit while in the process of creating it, it will make the person you are giving the gift to so happy. It might even make you cry, if you're a cry baby like me. 

I started making jewelry for friends and family a few months ago as a form of healing. Gifting it to them for know other reason than to bring them joy and it certainly filled my heart with peace and gratitude. 

Don't worry, it's not about knowing how to do something. Let your thoughts call out to your Creative Angels for assistance and they will come and assist. It doesn't matter if you've never "made" anything before. Go to a craft store, lots of wonderful ideas. Re-purpose and aritcle of clothing. Go to a fabric store, paper store, art store, antique stores- ideas will jump off of the shelves. Look around your house, your basement, your yard. You might have old jewelry you could attach to a handmade card. Write a poem.  

 You can start the creative process and not even know who will be the lucky recepient. Surprisingly, while you are making it or after you've completed it, the perfect person will present themselves and you will know, "this creation will make that person happy" You will know. Join us. Let's do this. Meditate and then Create. Have Joy!

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