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Creative Gifting Movement
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The Ilusion Of Fear.
The Taming of Time.
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The Ilusion Of Fear

So, Let’s Begin. Take a deep cleansing breath in through your nose- on a count of four. Exhale, through slightly parted lips and as you exhale, let the warmth of your breath, seek and collect any confusing thoughts, any self-doubting demons and the certain stored up tensions seeking refuge in your joints and muscles and carry it all away with your breath- away from your body.

Today's query: So, have you ever had a dream that felt so real and so scary you found yourself pleading and hoping that it was just a dream? Where you are in that dimension of “notherworldliness” feeling  present, hearing and seeing everything in what feels like real time? And then the "fear" takes over that perhaps this isn't a dream and all of the frightening, heart pounding episodes are actually happening and your are doomed? 

I think we all have had that dream.  When I can shout myself awake from inside my dream and realize, wow, it was just a dream, I am certainly relieved and I promise myself I will never eat hot potatoes stix with peanut butter before going to bed, ever again. But, awake or in a dream,  that doesn't stop "fear" from making its presence known, boldly and ferociously. 

It will taunt you because it knows that it transcends dimensions and it has all the confidence we often wish we had. It seems to be so aware of its power and so full of itself, hanging around and sticking its nose all in your business like the cranky head school master that never liked you, with its arms folded and daring you to say something. 

We often just accept that "fear" is a part of our lives because it seems to always just be there, pounding away at our self-esteem while simultaneously feeding itself on our misery and making us feel powerless. I say, no more! No more just accepting that "fear" is in charge. Kick it to the curb. Wrap it up and stuff it in a metal container and toss it into the sea. Realize, it is just an illusion, a figment of our imagination.

"Fear" has met its match and it's an empowered woman who knows her worth, her beauty-inside and out and her voice. An empowered woman who will not accept hangers on like "fear"preventing her from speaking her mind, standing up for herself, expressing herself creatively, giving of her compassionate self.  I say, replace that "fear" with a powerful radiating energy seeking out nothing but love and inspiration. Replace it with that deep down knowing, since the beginning of time place in your soul that is full of riches, of courage of the knowledge of the Universe. Meditate and then Create.

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Clyde on Monday, June 03, 2013 5:36 AM
It's 5:15am and I really needed this lesson on the illusion of fear. Will take this lesson through my day.
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