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Creative Gifting Movement
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The Ilusion Of Fear.
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Finding My Center

So, Let's Begin-
Deep cleansing breath in, count of four, exhale! So here's the query of the day: What does it mean to "Find your center"?  In my constant research in all matters spiritual, intuitive and meditative, one often comes across certain terms that you may have a visceral positive response to, albeit vague in definitive terms. 

On some level it resonates and may set our curiousity on a mission for the clarifying meaning.  Perhaps one could take a half-baked notion of what it could mean to them and then slowly make it mean that, officially. May be it is one of those phrases that could have a flexible meaning within a definitive construct? "Finding my center" As I contemplate it, it sounds like a calming journey to find myself. It could even be the place one goes where an exciting, frightening, or peaceful event is about to take place as a way of gaining focus, stillness and protection.
If I am "finding" my center, then we have to assume it is already there waiting to be found. It knows it's there, and until it is found by it's owner, me-you, it sits and waits patiently, rooting for us to find it. I think our "center" holds alot of who we are, perhaps it is the foundation of who we are, making it an imperative to be found. Urgent, even! 

This illusive center could be the core of our inner Universe that connects us with the spiritual center of the outer Universe-  The Almighty Universe and therefore when we find it, embrace it and identify with it, we are offered the Energy that connects us all. So by finding and connecting to one's center we are connecting to something greater than ourselves?  If so, that can only be powerful, empowering and life affirming.

So let's take that to be our definition. "Finding your center" means to use your internal eye to visualize your inner power, the same inner power that created the Universe; As you find it, and focus on it let it bring you, first and foremost: Love and with that Love let it include Peace and with that Peace be assured that nothing can harm you and therefore you are affirmed as the beautiful Creation you were made to be.

So let's "find our center" and let it be our "go-to" place for self-acceptance, love and empowerment. A place of peace and tranquility. Let's "find our center" in hopes of helping others find theirs- Fore, it's in the giving that we recieve. 

Deep breathe in...exhale. Meditate and then Create!

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Clyde Herring on Monday, May 06, 2013 4:39 PM
Thanks Nancy for you words of inspiration on finding ones center.
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replica omega on Monday, September 23, 2013 10:20 PM
No surprise to me that you are making excellent choices out there, Jon! Keep it up

Marilynn Buswell on Monday, May 06, 2013 5:17 PM
Thanks so much for this!! I look forward to reading this on a regular basis. I so very need this right now! The tests they are a comin' honey! lol
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replica montre on Thursday, July 11, 2013 4:36 AM
Once, I identified with the mind, giving you close your eyes and cover your ears trust. As long as you say, I believe, even if the whole world is against it.
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finding our center,Yes, you are right.
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