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Creation Meditation emerged out of the need for peace and tranquility in an ever growing chaotic environment, personal distress and the need to reach out to others. In addition, it became necessary to add a focused creative expression as a way of manifesting the transformation. The founder, N.N. Ewing aka Nan-Lynn Nelson, a professional actor, writer and creative program developer was compelled to use her years of professional creativity along with her study in Drama Therapy to create Creation  Meditation in hopes of reaching out to other women who may be feeling overwhelmed with life's challenges as well and to offer a bit of relief,  inspiration and joy.
Nan-Lynn Nelson is a professional actor with over 30 years of experience on both stage and screen. She debuted on Broadway creating the role of Nikki Kay Kane in Runaways in 1979. She has made other Broadway appearances including replacing the fabulously talented Angela Bassett in August Wilson's JOE TURNERS' COME AND GONE. She holds a Bachelor's degree in English/Theater. 

Ms. Nelson-Ewing also starred in the award winning Children's Television Workshop program on PBS: THE BLOODHOUND GANG as Vicky, the leader of the teenage sleuths as well as being an ensemble cast member of critically acclaimed NBC's, HOT HERO SANDWICH.  

Ms. Nelson-Ewing has had numerous starring and featured appearances on primetime and daytime television including LAW AND ORDER, THE COSBY SHOW, ALL MY CHILDREN, AS THE WORLD TURNS, LITTLEST VICTIMS(TV MOVIE). TV Commercials.  She is also the founder of Virtue Planet(  a character development program for children using the arts as a means for transformation.
Ms. Nelson-Ewing has always been on a spiritual journey finally finding refuge in the Baha'i Faith. A Faith whose basic principle is the unity and oneness of human kind. In addition, she studies yoga, and finds great solace and inspiration in her meditation practice. She is also a student of Drama Therapy with a Certificate of Completion from The Omega Transpersonal Theater, which helps to confirm for her the healing power of the creative spirit, be it drama, music, dance, painting, sculpting, crafting, writing etc. The therapeutic benefits can be profound and life changing.
Please check our EVENTS page to see where the next CREATION MEDITATION will be. Register and let the Joy begin!  Let's Meditate and then Create!
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