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Welcome to My Creation Meditation
Our goal is to start the Creation Meditation movement all over the globe and assist you in harnessing creative energy for yourself as well as facilitating/hosting your own gathering with friends and family that will be creative, empowering, healing and of course, fun.   
We believe that every person is a creative being, as we are the ultimate Creation, and therefore have creative Universal Life-force energy within us. This energy can be a healing balm to the spirit and when used to manifest something out of nothing: a creation of our own uniqueness, it brings us joy, satisfaction and healing . 
In this hectic techno saturated world, most of us are just trying to keep up with the latest everything. Most of us have to be in the daily grind for work and to stay a step ahead of our competitors. Some of us feel it necessary to stay current and relevant, for social status or for research, often this is at the cost of our own bodies, minds and spirits. 
Join us in this new movement of self-reflection and Universal love utilizing the gifts of our Creativity.  We will be featuring the "How To" guide on hosting your own Creation Meditation gathering  as well as accessories to help insure your success.
For now, we say: take a slow deep breath in through your nose on a count of four, expanding your stomach.  Then exhale completley , through partially parted lips, contracting your stomach. Let the warmth of your breath fill your body with loving, healing energy.

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